As a professional trade media in Hong Kong, Global Sources Publications (Holdings) Ltd. has been promoting global trade between worldwide buyers & suppliers for over two decades by offering first-hand market intelligence, valuable databases & tailor-made sourcing services through a series of leading trade magazines and website. Besides introducing quality OEM & ODM to overseas buyers, we have also taken an active part in sharpening the Brand images of many Asian OBM in the global market.
Trade Magazines
To enhance your business success in the ever-changing markets, we publish a series of professional trade magazines with precise information of suppliers, latest product trends, international trade show reports, etc. for buyers in the United States, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, India, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, etc. Our publications include:
  • "Global Premium, Gifts & Houseware"
  • "Global Electronics & Electrical Appliances"
  • "Global Toys & Games"
  • "Global Gifts & Toys"
  • “Global Timepieces & Jewelry”
  • “Global Jewelry Special”
  • “Brand Name Enterprises”
and many other supplements for different industries...
About iGlobalHK
To provide sourcing services everywhere at aninnstant, we have created for you. You can browse the hottest products, search for suitable suppliers, read the latest trade show information (Trade Info) and plan for your trip in Hong Kong (Navigate Hong Kong) with our online services. If you would like to have more interactions and to enjoy special privileges, please don't hesitate to register as our member!
GSP Media Club
As a one-stop resource centre, we have set up our GSP media club which acts as an effective platform for active buyers & suppliers to gather & explore infinite trade opportunities. Our membership is ever increasing & a significant number of prestigious buyers & importers have already signed up as our members to enjoy special privileges. After registration, you will be able to login to our website and have access special to sections and have tailor-made sourcing services.
Trade Partners
Besides serving as a trade partner for worldwide supplies & buyers, we have also taken active participation in many international trade shows. (For more details, please visit the section of Trade Info.) You could meet our sales & marketing team in person during the trade shows for an in depth discussion on the latest market trend. Furthermore, we have been in close cooperation with many hotels & airlines for your effective sourcing.
We hope that you would always enjoy our sourcing services. Get started with us for your business today!